Responding to the growing market

Clarios builds on the car battery manufacturer, formerly known as Johnson Controls Power Solutions, using a 22,100 square meter warehouse and 1,300 square meters of office space as a new hub for the ever-growing market in Eastern Europe.

At present, one third of all cars in the world are equipped with batteries manufactured by Clarios. With this, Clarios (formerly Johnson Controls Power Solutions) enters a new phase of growth and moves to Goodman Mladá Boleslav Logistics Center.

Given that Mladá Boleslav is the Czech Republic's automotive center and one of the leading automotive centers in Europe, Goodman Mladá Boleslav Logistics Center was a clear choice for Clarios when it decided to expand its operations in Central and Eastern Europe.

The warehouse holds more than 30,000 pallets, employs over 120 people and can supply up to 1.5 million batteries. The warehouse design has been designed to meet the highest environmental, occupational safety and fire protection standards such as Tapa C, FM Global HPR. The warehouse has a LEED v4 sustainability certificate.

Emphasis on security

Given the nature of the goods and substances stored, Clarios asked FM Global, a reputable insurance company, to participate in the design and ensure a level of HPR (Highly Protected Risk) including fire walls that have a three hour fire resistance. The building also complies with the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) standards, ensuring the highest level of storage safety.

LEED v4 certification ensures that the project meets the highest sustainability and environmental requirements. During the design and construction phase, Goodman used an intelligent power flow simulation to allow for a projected reduction in energy costs of 36.5% compared to a standard building. In addition, drinking water consumption is expected to be 50% lower and rainwater to cover 100% toilet flushing during standard rainfall.

Further investment in development

In addition to inventory management, plazy labeling, battery charging and piece order preparation are carried out at the Plazy Distribution Center. The distribution center has long-term contracts with several suppliers. Over the next five years, EUR 35 million is planned for its development.

Clarios was founded this May by renaming the Johnson Controls battery division after its sale to Brookfield Business Partners. Clarios has manufacturing facilities in a number of countries, one of which is the factory in Česká Lípa.

Jan Palek, Goodman Country Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, says: “Clarios has always been a pioneer in the world of automotive batteries and the same goes for our company in terms of construction and design of Goodman Mladá Boleslav Logistics Center. As a result of our close collaboration with Clarios, we are the first to be registered in the Czech Republic with LEED v4 certification, but which are primarily the ideal place for Clarios business. ”